In JQuery, How to hide the image when the user click?

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asked Mar 16 by Suleman Asghar
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How can we hide the Image when user clicks on it?

Like in the following snippet,

      <div class="content">
      <p>Some Content Here</p>
      <p class="loader"><img src="ajax-loader.gif"></p>

How can I hide the Image in JQuery when user will click on that Image.

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answered Mar 17 by anonymous
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Give your img tag some id or class

<img src="ajax-loader.gif" class="clickhidden"/>

then in you javascript file or script

$("img.clickhidden").on('click', function(){

You can use data attribute as well

<img src="ajax-loader.gif" data-click-hidden="true"/>


$("a[data-click-hidden='true']").click(function() {

Using data-attribute you will be 100% sure that your css will not be disturbed at all.

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answered Mar 17 by anonymous




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